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Welcome to Lexicon Law, we focus on representing consumers who have been harmed in person, property or financially. There is no harm that is considered “too small”.  Whether we are battling mortgage banks cutting corners or advocating on behalf of a class of employees who have been denied proper wages, our attorneys will fight the illegal business practices and protect the consumer. Our firm has been fighting for consumer rights for nearly two decades.  Many times we will face opponents such as large corporations or government agencies who will likely have far more resources. This will not waiver or deter our efforts.  We take action against predatory companies and practices that violate the law.  We have returned millions of dollars to harmed consumers.   


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$50 Million

Recovered for Our Clients

Our Combined Team Of Attorneys Have Recovered Over 50,000,000 For Our Clients Through Settlements & Trials

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A few Reasons To Choose Our Law Firm

Below you will find the key benefits we offer to our Clients

FREE Case Evalutions

Our firm offers our prospective clients a free and confidential consultation. Your case may have a substantial impact on our community. Call us now!

High Settlement SUCCESS Rates

Our Attorneys are very educated in the Federal and State Court System. We have prosecuted cases through trial and appeals in both Court systems.

No FEES unless we Win.

Lexicon Law offers services on a contingency or fee shifting basis. This means there is no upfront fee and the firm is paid upon a recovery.

WEEKEND Appointments

We understand that between work, family and other unforeseen circumstances that it might be tough to meet us mid-week. Call and scheduled a weekend appointment now.


Our Attorneys have graduated from the best law schools in the country. We have cultivated an environment of academic discipline and the experience to fight for your rights.

LOCAL Representation

Lexicon Law has several offices throughout the State for your convenience. We also offer advanced meeting options such as Skype, Face-time or other advanced conveniences.


We understand that each case is unique and our office maintains staff that is always available to answer your questions or concerns…whenever they may arise.

Extensive TRIAL Experience

Our attorneys have experience in litigation, trials and appeals.  We handle complex litigation and class action law suits.

Our Law Firm has received Global Recognition as well as several Awards and  Accreditations.


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