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Welcome to Lexicon Law, we focus on representing consumers who have been harmed in person, property or financially. There is no harm that is considered “too small”.  Whether we are battling mortgage banks cutting corners or advocating on behalf of a class of employees who have been denied proper wages, our attorneys will fight the illegal business practices and protect the consumer. Our firm has been fighting for consumer rights for over a decade.  Many times we will face opponents such as large corporations or government agencies who will likely have far more resources. This will not waiver or deter our efforts.  We take action against predatory companies and practices that violate the law.  We have returned millions of dollars to harmed consumers.   


Our clients are hardworking men and women who have suffered some type of loss. In a perfect world, wrongdoers would admit their fault and pay for the damage they cause. Corporations should admit when their products or their employees injure the public. Sadly, this is not so.


Our firm’s trial lawyers stand as champions for the disadvantaged. We take on the powerful and rich insurance companies with their army of lawyers. Our firm presents evidence to jurors and persuade them to rule in our clients favor.


How our Law Firm’s process works: 


Investigate your Claim

  • Find all sources for recovery (insurance policies and deep pockets).
  • Order and review your records.
  • Hire experts to review your records, if necessary.
  • Order any police/incident reports.
  • Talk with any witnesses.
  • Advance any upfront costs needed to establish your claim.


Present your Claim

  • Handle all communication with the insurance or bank that is harassing you (they’ll stop calling you).
  • Identify any problem areas with your case and address (and remedy if possible) them early on.
  • Prepare and submit a detailed and comprehensive demand package that includes legal arguments, a persuasive presentation of your claim and supporting documentation.


Maximize Your Settlement Amount

  • Use our leverage of being able to file a lawsuit to put pressure on defendant.
  • Use our experience in handling 100s of cases like yours to ensure you are paid top dollar.
  • Negotiate to recover your damages.

File a Lawsuit

  • Prepare a formal complaint.
  • Advance any upfront court costs (filing fees, service fees, etc.)
  • Track down and personally serve the defendant(s).

Litigate your Case

  • Explain and walk you through the entire process.
  • Prepare you for when your participation is needed.
  • Obtain all documents from the defendants to establish your case.
  • Advance upfront costs for hiring any needed experts.
  • Negotiate with opposing attorney to settle your case without the need for trial.
  • If necessary, present your case at trial to a jury of your peers.

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"I was in a motorcycle accident where I was run over by a van. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital had surgery, rehab and a lot of pain and soreness. I was out of work for 3 months. My experience with the Car Accident Attorney Law Group has been incredible. They were so professional and so pleasurable to work with. They answered any question I had right away. Never had to hunt them down, or wait to hear back from them. They uncovered every stone regarding my case and treated me with respect and kindness and understanding for what I went through.6 Figure Settlement and all my bills paid."

Jason D | Los Angeles, CA

"Having a car accident and being injured for months was extremely painful both physical and emotionally. In addition to that the hospital bills were so high that I couldn't sleep worry about how I was going to pay them. Fortunately I found The Car Accident Attorney Law Group. They went above and beyond to win my case. I will forever be thankful for their help in this long journey. The team was amazing, responsible and very helpful. If you have a serious case and in need of help, I highly recommend this firm."

David M | Glendale, CA

"I do not even know where to start...The Attorneys at this firm are truly amazing and caring people! They show a real concern and understanding for their clients. I feel so comfortable with them that I never felt the need to contact them to follow up as I knew I was in the BEST hands. Honestly, they felt like family and will be friends made for life."

Lisa G | Los Angeles, CA

"They were very professional, not consultanting fees, very knowledgeable about the case and got right to the point. They were also relentless when it came to the long wait periods of actions against the city, they were there very step of the way and won the case. I would definitely recommend this law firm."

Bobby F | Long Beach, CA

"I remember after the accident getting a boat load of bills and I couldn’t work at the time because of my injuries. I wanted to know what would happen to me. My friend recommended I call John. I’ve never had a lawyer and was “iffy” about the whole situation. I literally just gave them my information and signed a retainer. The team worked hard to make sure I understood the medical billing process and how I would obtain future treatment. The law firm too my life in their hands and they took care of me.

Ernie M | Los Angeles, CA

"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping with our home. I have been recommending them to my friends, family and co-workers The firm is dependable, and I recommend them 100%."

Bally Family | Glendale, CA