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Today individuals face increasingly sophisticated online threats. The mismanagement of consumer data by both small and large companies is becoming more prevalent. Companies maintain and transmit enormous amounts of data that is vulnerable to theft. At all levels of government, strict laws require companies to protect this data and disclose any breaches to their consumer’s confidential data. Yet regulations and laws meant to protect citizens do not always keep up with the accelerated evolution of technology.


Data Breaches can have a negative impact a consumer’s credit report. Those who steal consumer data often do so in order to steal the identity of innocent individuals. These thieves rack up credit card debt, file for loans fraudulently, or publish individual’s personal information online for others to harass or further defraud them.


Lexicon Law assists consumers with the breach and theft of their data by litigating claims for clients including class action law suits arising from the breach.

Types of Security threats

Negligence from companies in user stored data

Hacking of company’s confidential consumer data


Failure to disclose use of data


Hacking, Viruses/trojan horses

Modern Data Breaches have recently included:



Sina Weibo

Estée Lauder



Advanced Info Service

Keepnet Labs

Information Compromised in a Data Breach<br />

Driver’s License or state ID numbers

Social Security Numbers

Financial account information

Credit Card Numbers

Business and personal addresses

E-mail Addresses


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